The Dewey
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Lenox hotels always a perfect blend of comfort and charm.

-Benjamin Beier DDS / Customer since the 80s

The history in Lenox is undeniable.

It’s intertwined; the beams and opinions are part of the roots of our structures, the bones that built our houses.

From the Whitlock, whose two-room structure housed John Whitlock and his family until the late 1770’s when he opened his doors as one of the first inns in Lenox. His farmlands occupied much of what is now downtown Lenox along Church Street throughout the Revolutionary War until it was sold to the town in 1815.

Israel Dewey, a selectman, school master, and farmer, was one of the first settlers in Lenox. He established the home that now carries his name in 1764, and was a licensed inn-keeper in Massachusetts prior to his move to upstate Vermont.  The property was acquired by Zadock Hubbard in 1798, and the tavern he opened is still the iconic, elegant hardwood bar top is one of the mainstays in the Dewey throughout all of its improvements.

The Constance was born from the path that brought many to the start of our country. Leonard Constance Peters was one of 10 children, immigrating from Kent, England in 1870 when he was only 20 years old. A skilled carpenter, he was part of the work crew that came to Lenox to build Ethelwynd.

With the help of his own growing family, he moved what was Williams Tavern at Triangle Park to old Stockbridge Road, enlarging the facility to be a rooming house for others who worked on the estates. Today, it is where you stay with us begins, still surrounded by towering trees and a veranda.

Heritage is intertwined with our history, but those roots are not the reasons we bloom. The good, the bad, and the gilded remain part of New England. And while we meticulously honored hand-carved pieces and bay windows, the modern amenities and electricity aren’t the only pieces we decided to rewire.

History is part of the charm of Lenox; the colonial style homes and wrap-around porches hold sway and are reason enough to immerse yourself in the town we call home. Falling in love with the Berkshires is commonplace. But the traditions you create, and future memories made are your reason to fall in love with the Lenox Collection. 

We thank you for your presence and are honored by your visit.  We wouldn’t be able to call it anything other than a privilege.